Persistence of Memory

Catalogue essay by John Emery

Newspaper and magazine exhibition reviews

Pictures with the beckoning alertness of the poster
Liverpool Daily Post, 1965

Neville Weston at Lantern Gallery
M. Ingham, Arts Review, London, 1972

Academic and so English
David Dolan, The Advertiser, Adelaide, 1978

Two in Two Years
David Dolan, The Advertiser, Adelaide, September 24, 1980

Critic says brush mightier than pen
Bruce Hogben, The Advertiser, Adelaide, May 30, 1984

Literally taking art to the streets
Samela Harris, The Advertiser, Adelaide, October 22, 1986

Dislocation of Place
Amander Lynch, Camberra Times, February 9, 1989

Maturity in middle Age
Sasha Grishin, Canberra Times, February, 1989

Botanic Garden paintings
Margot Osborne, The Advertiser, Adelaide, August 8, 1990

Cultivation: Painted Gardens
John Neylon, The Adelaide Review, August 1991

Castaway finds creative shore
John Emery, The Advertiser, Adelaide, December 20, 1995

Survival Story: The French Connection
John Neylon, The Adelaide Review, February, 1996

The Art of Neville Weston
Lyn DiCiero, The Artist's Chronicle, May 2003


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